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“I hate it – I meant HATE – when people justify their actions. It’s as if they’re babies who were caught smearing their own feces all over the wall and now trying, trying so hard to make their mommies and daddies believe that it wasn’t their doing, that- that it was wrong of the invisible ghost unicorn to do it and none of it was their fault.”
She stared at me, eyes wide with bewilderment. I had stood up from the chair and slammed the table without thinking, throwing all of its contents to the floor. Recollecting my thoughts and gathering the items back into a pile, I sat back down beside her and bow down as a way of apology. She replied in silence, serving as a polite acceptance.
“It’s just…my father. He was always the strict one, always rushing towards me with- with a belt- at every action he deemed a nuisance. He would always lay me down on the bed my chest was familiar with, pull down my pants, and jus
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The girl with the bandages
The chair I sat on was creaky, making weird noises if I move so much as an inch. In front of me was a girl, fiddling with her blanket on the bed. The night was far too calm for me to stay awake on my task to watch over her, but between the chair creaking and the blankets billowing, I was not going to have my nap. After a long time adjusting, resetting, and adjusting again, she scanned the room, switching sides to sides quickly before advancing her head right in front of me.
“Hey,” She whispered with her hand beside her mouth, “You wanna see somethin’ really cool?”
I reluctantly nodded; she was the same age as I am, though more typically hyperactive. We were bored, and our parents had said they’d take a while.
Slowly, she pulled her other hand from the blanket, as if revealing a magic trick. It was covered in bandages, stained with an odd brownish red color and a horrid sour smell. She waved it around for a little while, baiting my eyes to follow it.
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I am asleep
We cuddled in the bedroom, lofty in size and cold to the touch even despite the thick layers of blankets covering it all day. It must have been around midnight when I rested and laid myself upon it- the pain of labors would be washed away from a good night’s sleep, I thought. It was three when I opened my eyes again, finding myself unable to sleep no matter how much stress I put into my eyelids. The night was surprisingly warm, a contrast to the chill seeping out of the bed’s spongy form. The curtains were flapping softly to the occasional wind blowing from the windows, opened slightly to let stars illuminate the room.
She was there, facing me as I turned around.
Her eyes were closed and her face expressed a blissful delight, though most of it was obscured by her long fiery hair which burns bright from the light’s reflection. Her arms locked onto my back as she scooted closer, snuggling me along with the bed sheets. For a moment, only the whistles of the wind accompan
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  • Listening to: Songs. With music and lyrics.
  • Reading: A book. With sentences and alphabets and words.
  • Playing: A Game. With explosions.
  • Eating: Consumable items such as food
  • Drinking: Water
The rules

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their Journal.
3. Answer the questions the Tagger set for you in their post, & create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to Tag & Post their icons on your Journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
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Tagged by :iconjuan-cn:

1) I talked to myself a lot of times. Autonomously.

2) I am infamous for finishing things beyond deadline.

3) I am lazy.

4) I wanted to be a psychologist, although I'm also mentally challenged.

5) I am not shy, just a loner.

Questions by :iconjuan-cn:

1.) What would happen if you haven't discovered Deviantart and have never met all the wonderful ppl here? (LIKE ME XD lol jk)
Homicidal. :iconcryforeverplz:

2.) What happens if your gender was ever changed?
I don't know.

3.) What is your most inspiring quote that you have originally made?
"Damn, those are some good burgers!"

4.) Do you play Monster Hunter? And wut be your fave weapon? (Ok I confess, I'm starting to luv Monster Hunter XP)
I don't play Monster Hunter. But I heard it's a good game.

5.) If they're was a song to describe your life, what song is that?…

Nah, just kidding. I'll be using this:… (It suits me. Sort of. Ah shaddap >.>)

6.) Sixth question is six, do you agree?
Indeed sir :iconisayplz:

7.) Do you believe in ghosts? (I DO!!!)
Yes, I believe ghost are very much real.

I tagged no one. sorry. I'm a lousy questioner anyway. :iconyeahplz:



Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hi there! I'm a lonely old hermit who lives in a cave an animator. Here are my friends (aquaintances, more likely, because I do not decide who is my friend, it is up to them):

:iconmadmanaryf::iconres1stance::iconnumbah-14::iconfa-lycan::iconalice626-chan::iconjuan-cn::iconrubylar::iconnova1duke::iconmanny93::iconmario824::iconellis02::iconkirolover28::iconsuki-desu123::icontaco895::iconzerodecoole::iconc3whiterose::icondhigo31::iconvutiendung: :iconnecrosquelch::iconkyskke::iconnayukimarcia::iconmintoreto::iconallrisehyuk:


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